Let me quickly tell you two stories. One about t-shirts and another about brewing. First, the tees. A few years ago, I started a t-shirt business selling mostly baby onesies and toddler t-shirts, Sandbox Threads. Onto those onesies & shirts, I put designs that I'd wear myself and that one typically didn't see on baby clothes. As Sandbox Threads grew, we received a bunch of requests from parents to add adult sizes and eventually our store expanded to include sizes for all. Then in early 2011, I opened our sports themed store, One 10 Threads and then in 2012, I opened our third store Ink'd Threads.

    Now the brewing story, I had always wanted to brew, but with the exception of one batch in college, I never actually picked up the hobby. After meeting my wife, I hinted and hinted about her giving me a brew kit as a present. After 7 years, she relented and got me a kit. I was immdediately hooked. After only two extract batches, I switched to all-grain brewing and I have been brewing away ever since.

    And that brings us to Hophead Threads. As you may know, and I found this surprising, the selection of homebrew tees are limited at best, but we're trying to change that.

    At all of our stores, we only use sweatshop free tees, and whenever possible, we buy American. Each and every shirt is made by hand. We are no big box store. Heck, we aren't even a small box store.